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Pyramid, Inc. is comprised of many creators who take pride in producing innovative game software. In order to satisfy game fans all over the world, we endeavor in our efforts to propose game concepts aimed at the global marketplace and to develop games utilizing newest available technology. Project proposals, game scripts, programming, graphics-we make sure each of these elements reflect unique and innovative ideas.

Pyramid, Inc. will continue its efforts in creating high quality games which can be enjoyed over and over by every generation.

Company Name
Pyramid, Inc.
Location Shintoshin Maruzen Building
3-8-3 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Japan 160-0023
TEL 81-3-5334-5214
FAX 81-3-5334-5215
Established September 2001
Capital 66,300,000 yen
Annual Sales 456,000,000 yen(2011 fiscal year)
Employees 43
President Edward T. Nakano
Konami Digital Entertainment
NHN Japan Corporation
Sony Computer Entertainment
Studio Artdink

As of June, 2012

Edward T. Nakano President/Director of Management Department
Born in 1968, New York, U.S.A. After completing academic training for Ph.D. in Japanese Literature at the University of Michigan, joined Media Works (publisher) in 1993. Works as an editor of novels and comic books while overseeing rights management for US/EU markets. Handled many accounts, including "Dungeons and Dragons" (TSR), "Star Wars" (Lucas Film) and "SPAWN" (Todd McFarlane Productions) while at Media Works.
Junichi Kashiwagi Senior Vice President/Director of Development Department
Born in 1970, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. Has over 16 years of experience in the game software industry. Started work as a graphic designer, then moved on to oversee game project proposals, script writing, and direction. Representative works include "Chaos Seed" (SFC/SS), "Grandia"(SS), "Record of the Lodoss War"(DC), and "Virtual Athlete 2K" (DC).